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How a novel and thriving hard seltzer brand disrupted the Australian alcohol beverage marketplace and a $4B category.

The Challenge

The Hard Seltzer category is rapidly growing but had yet to be realized and scaled in Australia. The opportunity for this new category and a brand to propel in this emerging market was clear, but the barrier to entry and early consumer adoption presented an additional hurdle to overcome.

The Outcome

During its launch, FIZZ became the #1 hard seltzer brand in Australia and sold out its first run of products. By identifying a meaningful brand position and product point of difference, along with thoughtful creative and strategic measures, Libre introduced a new hard seltzer that aligns with consumer shared values and ideals that ultimately translated from sell-in to sell-through. We created a purposeful design system and provided end-to-end services for a fully holistic brand experience across all brand engagement touchpoints along the customer journey.

Scope Of Project

• Branding
• Visual Identity System
• Art Direction
• Campaign Creative
• Packaging
• Web Design
• Digital Strategy
• Content Strategy
• Animation
• Illustration


Color Strategy & Packaging

Looking to break from the sea of sameness that is currently on retailer’s shelves in the hard seltzer category (white cans), we led with warm, bright and energetic colors that align with a health, wellness and active lifestyle perspective.

Brand Assets

Street Campaign/OOH

Hitting the streets during the brand’s launch, wheat pastings went up simultaneously in 3 major cities on the East Coast of Australia reaching thousands and announcing that FIZZ had arrived.


By adding custom illustrations Libre was able to flip the script of typically mundane corporate business assets and give them the same energy that the FIZZ brand evokes. The central design element and point of creative difference includes custom illustrations that tap into: health, wellness, vibrance and high-energy.



Realizing that FIZZ is more than just a commodity in the beverage space, but a highly recognizable brand as well. A fully developed softgoods program was developed to strengthen the brand’s equity.

Website & Digital Strategy

From a digital standpoint, we leveraged Google Trends and analyzed the volume of interest in all regions of the country, which led to strategic digital measures and next steps for the brand launch. The FIZZ retail launch plan squarely focused on an omnichannel approach, and Libre opted to build the site on Shopify, a powerful and scalable direct-to-consumer platform, with the set intention of selling directly to end consumers. Discovery moments like animated seltzer bubbles offer unexpected and clever brand experiences. | @Hard_fizz

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