Gordini USA – Branding and Creative Direction


Gordini USA – Branding and Creative Direction

Gordini USA

Based in Vermont and independently-owned, Gordini has been pushing the limits of glove design for over 60 years. A leader in the world of cold-weather accessories, with one of Vermont’s most iconic backcountry ski zones just a short drive from their headquarters, Gordini approached Libre to give the company a 360° brand refresh. Starting with a brand audit we then proceded to develop an entirely new visual identity that would both celebrate the past and look forward to the future. Once our phase one branding was complete we went on to art direct product photoshoots, catalog design as well as a complete website overhaul.

Logo Design

Gordini’s logo had been in circulation for over 20 years and did not reflect where the brand wanted to position itself. Our approach was to pay homage to the past by using a sharp old style font and pairing it with a bold, clean, modern circular icon. To create a recognizable icon, we combined the form of a geometric “G” with graphic mountain peaks that, when combined, help tell the narrative of Gordini. To further customize the logo, we modified the characters of the wordmark to have consistent 45° and a tilted “o” to allude to the movement of the slopes and cold weather mountainous terrain.

Sub-brands Icon Design

Gordini has developed several proprietary technologies that they use in the manufacturing of their gloves. Libre was tasked with developing a consistent logo system and color codification that would work across its products. We created a family of icons that fell under the new branding and yet was unique to its product service as well.


As part of the rebrand, Gordini wanted to give the brand a more youthful, dynamic and modern look while still appealing to an older audience that has supported the brand for years. We took inspiration from nature and Gordini’s home in Vermont as a guideline for our color story. We derived cool tones the winter season of Vermont along with barn red as a contrasting highlight color to bring energy and warmth into the pallet.


We paired Reckless, a serif font with a renaissance (old-style) aesthetic, for the headline and sub-header text and Graphik, a san-serif modern font, for the body text. These two fonts have a balanced contrast and when used together they bring notes of history and marry them to the modern world.


We sought to highlight the product through highly produced studio photography. Employing color flooded backgrounds that both compliment and contrast the product and dramatic lighting, our goal was to elevate the product through light, color, and composition.

Catalog Design

For the catalog design, we employed a sophisticated grid system to maintain consistency in our informational hierarchy and compositions. The catalog utilized the new branding and product photography. The goal was to create a useful and well-designed tool that their sales team could use that not only told the product story but celebrated the brand identity.

Website Design

As a final phase of the rebrand, we did a complete design overhaul on their website with a less is more approach. Keeping the consumer in mind, we sought to give them a focused experience in the world of Gordini. It was important that we not only focus on products but also tell the story of Gordini through their social channels and ambassadors, this would allow the consumers to better connect and be a part of the brand experience.


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