Originally founded in 1981, C3bank was recently brought back to its original entrepreneurial culture through its purchase by three local investors. After the re-launch, Libre was brought on to create a strong, approachable and trusted identity system to support the bank visually as well as creating their first-ever campaign.

Our approach to the logo was to evolve their current word mark, adjusting and cleaning up typography while also optimizing their brand icon. We then assigned the brand it’s own unique color palette and identity system to help reinforce the institution’s customer-focused and trustworthy values.

In conjunction with the initial branding, we helped develop their brand story, highlighting key touchpoints with which we then applied to their campaign creative direction.

For the campaign, we sought to highlight the relationships that they’ve developed through the partnership with many unique and outstanding brands. We developed a flexible grid system to be utilized across platforms, incorporating photography, brand colors, logo and copy.

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