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In 2010, Daphne’s Greek Cafe was bought out of bankruptcy and needed a rebrand as ambitious as the new CEO’s vision. The company chose Libre as their creative partner, and the struggling Greek chain received a facelift aimed at attracting new customers. Within a year, Libre helped turn the newly minted Daphne’s California Greek into #40 on the “Top 100 Movers and Shakers” in Fast Casual Marketplace. Along with strategic, viral efforts to break into the Action Sports lifestyle market through Brand Ambassador Kelly Slater, we redesigned everything for Daphne’s from the top down: menu displays; in-store POP; corporate business cards; all web and social media; print and online advertising; flyers; brand I.D. book; environmental graphics and more. We did away with the musty laurels and traditional colors of the original brand and decided to take the overall design to a cleaner and lighter place, focusing on the healthier food and active lifestyle that make up Daphne’s new spirit. Through a more modern look, concise messaging, and strategic partnerships and initiatives, Daphne’s is quickly becoming a lifestyle brand all its own. The 80-restaurant chain is now appealing to both younger and more affluent demographics.




Branding, Art Direction, Print, Digital, Retail, Social Media